With GROUNDS-DEK your sales message is emailed directly to 50,000 carefully selected grounds management and outdoor maintenance professionals nationwide.

Landscape Edition: Reaches the entire universe of significant landscape contractors and landscape architects. Small lawn, yard and garden services are carefully excluded.

Golf, Park, Rec & School Edition: Reaches national, state, county and municipal park and rec offices; public and private golf courses as well as golf course designers; resorts, campgrounds, amusement parks, airports and public works departments; schools, colleges universities who all have buying authority.

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Email Marketing to over 50,000 grounds management and outdoor maintenance professionals nationwide. Each email campaign includes a match back report with counts of views and clicks. We even share contact info of those buyers that clicked to your site.

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Rent our niche market Mailing List of golf, park, rec, and landscape professionals nationwide. The list is also augmented monthly with newly established grounds professionals registered with the Secretaries of State throughout the nation.

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Direct Mail

Annual Lease of our Database: of grounds facilities including postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Only available to a handful of qualified companies.

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GROUNDS-DEK.com is an online marketing site connecting buyers and sellers in the grounds, golf, park and rec industry


Make Money

Create high quality sales leads that lead to sales.

Generate calls to your 800# from pre-qualified interested buyers.

Drive traffic to your website…use a landing page to promote a special offer and track results.

Promote your trade show exhibit cost-effectively and reach the 90% of the market not attending the show.

Build your brand; we are the only medium that reaches 150,000 grounds management professionals in print plus 60,000 via email.

Save Money

Spend about 3 cents per contact for a direct mail campaign…you save over 90% of the cost of doing your own campaign and we do all the work. We offer complimentary creative services for both direct mail marketing and email marketing programs We offer very competitive niche market multi-media packages.

“We have advertised for over ten years with GROUNDS-DEK. The number of contacts from each mailing and the qualified response from our follow up system have consistently been in line with our averages for all media that we use in the professional landscape maintenance market, measured both by cost per contact and the percentage of qualified responses. The GROUNDS-DEK program has given us a solid performance in lead generation.”

“GROUNDS-DEK has been a great addition to the advertising of Brite Ideas Decorating. It gives us an opportunity to reach seasonal business owners with great response. After personally contacting many of the grounds, parks, rec and landscapes contacts I have found they are very well informed business owners that have capital to invest in new products and ideas, which makes them the perfect target audience for our business.”

“The GROUNDS-DEK program has done an excellent job in generating qualified leads for our company. In fact, it’s been so effective that we’re actually running two cards in every issue. Plus, their entire team has been incredibly accommodating, responsive and great to work with.”

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