Mailing Lists

As a publisher, we mail to these facilities several times each year. Accordingly, we invest significant resources to ensure each record has independent buying authority and is deliverable.

Lists are updated daily with card deck responses, Internet & phone research and through procurement of other lists. New records are constantly added after first being mailed a first class postcard to ensure deliverability.

Perhaps even more important than the volume of quality records included in these lists are all the records not included that have been removed as undeliverable or inaccurate, but are still included in competitors’ lists.


All establishments across the US with a full liquor license. This list is rebuilt annually by collecting these facilities from county and state alcohol & beverage commission boards.


The entire universe of general practice dental clinics. Most records include contact names of actively-practicing dentists.

Food Service

The entire spectrum of food service establishments with independent buying authority. This list includes independent restaurants, chain & franchise headquarters, institutional feeders (universities, schools, correctional institutions, hospitals, care facilities, etc.), quick-serve facilities (convenience stores, delicatessens, cafes, sandwich shops, etc.) and upscale establishments (caterers, resorts & country clubs, banquet halls and hotels).


The universe of professional grounds managers at major outdoor facilities such as parks, recreational facilities, schools and universities, golf courses, resorts, camps, campgrounds, playgrounds, amusement parks, etc., as well as landscape contractors and landscape architects.


The universe of actively-practicing veterinary professionals across the US, both clinical and non-clinical – large animal, small animal, mixed and exotic.

Mailing Lists by Market

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