VET-DEK Ad Specs

  • 5″ W x 4.5″ H

  • 10.25″ W x 4.5″ H
  • – Electronic files accepted in InDesign, Illustrator, Quark and Photoshop formats. Include all fonts, logos and linked artwork. All artwork must be in CMYK mode and saved as TIF, EPS, Print-Ready or Press-Ready PDF. All files and images must be a minimum of 300 dpi (resolution) at actual size.

Submitting File Instructions

Please include publication name, issue date, company/advertiser name, phone number, list of contents, address for return of materials (if needed).

Solo Email Campaigns

– All artwork must be in RGB mode @ 72 dpi (resolution) and saved as JPEG, GIF, TIF, PDF, EPS, or HTML.

If you are using HTML the file must be 600 pixels wide, use inline styles and be in tables. (No divs and no internal or external style sheets)

Also for html files, do not use any flash, javascript, anchor links or hotspots, along with background images.. Do not use the font tag <font>, apply the font style directly to the paragraph, cell, table tag etc. Do not leave any table cell empty, those can be stretched and warped in certain email providers changing your design.

Download the full email blast mech specs sheet.

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