BARS & CLUBS-DEK reaches the entire universe of bars, pubs, taverns, sports bars, nightclubs, social clubs, and more. Each Establishment is carefully selected for independent buying. Our unique niche marketing format makes it easy for your potential customers to indicate their interest directly to you in the manner they prefer.

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Direct Mail

Email Marketing to over 35,000 bars. Each email campaign includes a match back report with counts of views and clicks. We even share contact info of those buyers that clicked to your site.

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Direct Mail

Rent our niche market mailing list of bars, clubs, restaurants and all establishments across the USA with full liquor license for on-premise consumption.

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Direct Mail is an online marketing site connecting buyers and sellers in the bar and nightclub industry.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing to bar owners and managers nationwide. Your postcard is printed and mailed to 30,000; emailed to 35,000 through BARS & CLUBS eDEK; and featured online at

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Make Money

Create high quality sales leads that lead to sales.

Generate calls to your 800# from pre-qualified interested buyers.

Drive traffic to your website…use a landing page to promote a special offer and track results.

Promote your niche market trade show exhibits cost-effectively and reach the 90% of the market not attending the show.

Build your brand; we are the only medium that reaches 30,000 bars in print plus 35,000 via email.

Save Money

Spend about 5 cents per contact for a direct mail campaign…you save over 90% of the cost of doing your own campaign and we do all the work. We offer complimentary creative services for both direct mail marketing and email marketing programs We offer very competitive niche market multi-media packages.

“I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we value the BARS& CLUBS-DEK as one of our marketing tools. As you know we are in every issue of the DEK. I as well as my sales staff look forward to hearing the calls come in. We advertise in many different magazines but none of them make the phone ring like the DEK does. We track very closely the results from all of our marketing efforts and yours is number one. To reach the number of places your DEK does it would cost a fortune for us to do solo direct mail. Also, most of the orders we get are from new customers! Thank you and keep up the good work!”

“BARS& CLUBS-DEK works twofold to generate leads as well as educate a key audience about the unique products we offer. It’s a great vehicle for communicating with a large circulation that you can’t always reach through a magazine ad.”

“BARS& CLUBS-DEK generates the best sales leads for NSM Music, better than any other sales lead sources we have tried over the years. These responders are virtually ready to buy while others seem to require a face-to-face visit. I almost wish you would increase the frequency of mailings.”

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